Very basic info about a user as returned by the Account server, but including CrossSave information. Do NOT use as a request contract.
Type: object
Object Properties
If there is a cross save override in effect, this value will tell you the type that is overridding this one.
Type: int32
The list of Membership Types indicating the platforms on which this Membership can be used.

Not in Cross Save = its original membership type. Cross Save Primary = Any membership types it is overridding, and its original membership type Cross Save Overridden = Empty list
Type: array
Array Contents: int32
If True, this is a public user membership.
Type: boolean
Type of the membership. Not necessarily the native type.
Type: int32
Membership ID as they user is known in the Accounts service
Type: int64
Display Name the player has chosen for themselves. The display name is optional when the data type is used as input to a platform API.
Type: string