A Flags enumeration/bitmask where each bit represents a possible state that a Record/Triumph can be in.
Type: int32
Valid Enum Values
  • None: 0
    If there are no flags set, the record is in a state where it *could* be redeemed, but it has not been yet.
  • RecordRedeemed: 1
    If this is set, the completed record has been redeemed.
  • RewardUnavailable: 2
    If this is set, there's a reward available from this Record but it's unavailable for redemption.
  • ObjectiveNotCompleted: 4
    If this is set, the objective for this Record has not yet been completed.
  • Obscured: 8
    If this is set, the game recommends that you replace the display text of this Record with DestinyRecordDefinition.stateInfo.obscuredDescription.
  • Invisible: 16
    If this is set, the game recommends that you not show this record. Do what you will with this recommendation.
  • EntitlementUnowned: 32
    If this is set, you can't complete this record because you lack some permission that's required to complete it.
  • CanEquipTitle: 64
    If this is set, the record has a title (check DestinyRecordDefinition for title info) and you can equip it.