Preview - Not Ready for Release Destiny2 Preview

Verb: GET

Path: /Destiny2/Vendors/

Get items available from vendors where the vendors have items for sale that are common for everyone. If any portion of the Vendor's available inventory is character or account specific, we will be unable to return their data from this endpoint due to the way that available inventory is computed. As I am often guilty of saying: 'It's a long story...'

Querystring Parameters

  • components
    A comma separated list of components to return (as strings or numeric values). See the DestinyComponentType enum for valid components to request. You must request at least one component to receive results.
    Type: array
    Array Contents: int32


A response containing all valid components for the public Vendors endpoint.<br /><br /> It is a decisively smaller subset of data compared to what we can get when we know the specific user making the request.<br /><br /> If you want any of the other data - item details, whether or not you can buy it, etc... you'll have to call in the context of a character. I know, sad but true.
Content Type: application/json
Type: object
Object Properties
Type: int32
Type: int32
Type: string
Type: string
Type: object
Dictionary Contents: string
Dictionary Key Type: string
Type: string