Mobile Manifest Entity
Mapped to Mobile Manifest Table: Records
Type: object
Object Properties
Indicates whether this Record's state is determined on a per-character or on an account-wide basis.
Type: int32
Nullable Mapped to Definition
Type: uint32
Mapped to Manifest Database Definition: Destiny.Definitions.Lore.DestinyLoreDefinition
Mapped to Definition
Type: array
Array Contents: uint32
Mapped to Manifest Database Definition: Destiny.Definitions.DestinyObjectiveDefinition
Type: int32
Some records have multiple 'interval' objectives, and the record may be claimed at each completed interval
Type: object
If there is any publicly available information about rewards earned for achieving this record, this is the list of those items.

However, note that some records intentionally have "hidden" rewards. These will not be returned in this list.
Type: array
Array Contents: Destiny.DestinyItemQuantity
The unique identifier for this entity. Guaranteed to be unique for the type of entity, but not globally.

When entities refer to each other in Destiny content, it is this hash that they are referring to.
Type: uint32
The index of the entity as it was found in the investment tables.
Type: int32
If this is true, then there is an entity with this identifier/type combination, but BNet is not yet allowed to show it. Sorry!
Type: boolean