Depends on Component "Transitory"
This is an experimental set of data that Bungie considers to be "transitory" - information that may be useful for API users, but that is coming from a non-authoritative data source about information that could potentially change at a more frequent pace than will receive updates about it.

This information is provided exclusively for convenience should any of it be useful to users: we provide no guarantees to the accuracy or timeliness of data that comes from this source. Know that this data can potentially be out-of-date or even wrong entirely if the user disconnected from the game or suddenly changed their status before we can receive refreshed data.
Type: object
Object Properties
If you have any members currently in your party, this is some (very) bare-bones information about those members.
Type: array
If you are in an activity, this is some transitory info about the activity currently being played.
Type: object
Information about whether and what might prevent you from joining this person on a fireteam.
Type: object
Information about tracked entities.
Type: array
Nullable Mapped to Definition
The hash identifier for the DestinyDestinationDefinition of the last location you were orbiting when in orbit.
Type: uint32
Mapped to Manifest Database Definition: Destiny.Definitions.DestinyDestinationDefinition