BNet's custom categorization of reward sources. We took a look at the existing ways that items could be spawned, and tried to make high-level categorizations of them. This needs to be re-evaluated for Destiny 2.
Type: int32
Valid Enum Values
  • None: 0
    The source doesn't fit well into any of the other types.
  • Activity: 1
    The source is directly related to the rewards gained by playing an activity or set of activities. This currently includes Quests and other action in-game.
  • Vendor: 2
    This source is directly related to items that Vendors sell.
  • Aggregate: 3
    This source is a custom aggregation of items that can be earned in many ways, but that share some other property in common that is useful to share. For instance, in Destiny 1 we would make "Reward Sources" for every game expansion: that way, you could search reward sources to see what items became available with any given Expansion.