If a character purchased an item that is refundable, a Vendor Receipt will be created on the user's Destiny Profile. These expire after a configurable period of time, but until then can be used to get refunds on items. BNet does not provide the ability to refund a purchase *yet*, but you know.
Type: object
Object Properties
The amount paid for the item, in terms of items that were consumed in the purchase and their quantity.
Type: array
Array Contents: Destiny.DestinyItemQuantity
The item that was received, and its quantity.
Type: object
The unlock flag used to determine whether you still have the purchased item.
Type: uint32
The ID of the character who made the purchase.
Type: int64
Whether you can get a refund, and what happens in order for the refund to be received. See the DestinyVendorItemRefundPolicy enum for details.
Type: int32
The identifier of this receipt.
Type: int32
The seconds since epoch at which this receipt is rendered invalid.
Type: int64
The date at which this receipt is rendered invalid.
Type: date-time