This is a reference to, and summary data for, a specific item that you can get as a result of Using or Acquiring some other Item (For example, this could be summary information for an Emote that you can get by opening an an Eververse Box) See DestinyDerivedItemCategoryDefinition for more information.
Type: object
Object Properties
The hash for the DestinyInventoryItemDefinition of this derived item, if there is one. Sometimes we are given this information as a manual override, in which case there won't be an actual DestinyInventoryItemDefinition for what we display, but you can still show the strings from this object itself.
Type: uint32
The name of the derived item.
Type: string
Additional details about the derived item, in addition to the description.
Type: string
A brief description of the item.
Type: string
An icon for the item.
Type: string
If the item was derived from a "Preview Vendor", this will be an index into the DestinyVendorDefinition's itemList property. Otherwise, -1.
Type: int32