Verb: GET

Path: /Destiny2/{membershipType}/Account/{destinyMembershipId}/Character/{characterId}/Stats/Activities/

Gets activity history stats for indicated character.

Path Parameters

  • characterId
    The id of the character to retrieve.
    Type: int64
  • destinyMembershipId
    The Destiny membershipId of the user to retrieve.
    Type: int64
  • membershipType
    A valid non-BungieNet membership type.
    The types of membership the Accounts system supports. This is the external facing enum used in place of the internal-only Bungie.SharedDefinitions.MembershipType.
    Type: int32

Querystring Parameters

  • count
    Number of rows to return
    Type: int32
  • mode
    A filter for the activity mode to be returned. None returns all activities. See the documentation for DestinyActivityModeType for valid values, and pass in string representation.
    For historical reasons, this list will have both D1 and D2-relevant Activity Modes in it. Please don't take this to mean that some D1-only feature is coming back!
    Type: int32
  • page
    Page number to return, starting with 0.
    Type: int32


Look at the Response property for more information about the nature of this response
Content Type: application/json
Type: object
Object Properties
Type: int32
Type: int32
Type: string
Type: string
Type: object
Dictionary Contents: string
Dictionary Key Type: string
Type: string