A Flags enumeration representing the reasons why a person can't join this user's fireteam.
Type: int32
Valid Enum Values
  • None: 0
  • InMatchmaking: 1
    The user is currently in matchmaking.
  • Loading: 2
    The user is currently in a loading screen.
  • SoloMode: 4
    The user is in an activity that requires solo play.
  • InternalReasons: 8
    The user can't be joined for one of a variety of internal reasons. Basically, the game can't let you join at this time, but for reasons that aren't under the control of this user.
  • DisallowedByGameState: 16
    The user's current activity/quest/other transitory game state is preventing joining.
  • Offline: 32768
    The user appears to be offline.