Verb: GET

Path: /Destiny2/{membershipType}/Profile/{destinyMembershipId}/Item/{itemInstanceId}/

Retrieve the details of an instanced Destiny Item. An instanced Destiny item is one with an ItemInstanceId. Non-instanced items, such as materials, have no useful instance-specific details and thus are not queryable here.

Path Parameters

  • destinyMembershipId
    The membership ID of the destiny profile.
    Type: int64
  • itemInstanceId
    The Instance ID of the destiny item.
    Type: int64
  • membershipType
    A valid non-BungieNet membership type.
    The types of membership the Accounts system supports. This is the external facing enum used in place of the internal-only Bungie.SharedDefinitions.MembershipType.
    Type: int32

Querystring Parameters

  • components
    A comma separated list of components to return (as strings or numeric values). See the DestinyComponentType enum for valid components to request. You must request at least one component to receive results.
    Type: array
    Array Contents: int32


The response object for retrieving an individual instanced item. None of these components are relevant for an item that doesn't have an "itemInstanceId": for those, get your information from the DestinyInventoryDefinition.
Content Type: application/json
Type: object
Object Properties
Type: int32
Type: int32
Type: string
Type: string
Type: object
Dictionary Contents: string
Dictionary Key Type: string
Type: string