The type of milestone. Milestones can be Tutorials, one-time/triggered/non-repeating but not necessarily tutorials, or Repeating Milestones.
Type: int32
Valid Enum Values
  • Unknown: 0
  • Tutorial: 1
    One-time milestones that are specifically oriented toward teaching players about new mechanics and gameplay modes.
  • OneTime: 2
    Milestones that, once completed a single time, can never be repeated.
  • Weekly: 3
    Milestones that repeat/reset on a weekly basis. They need not all reset on the same day or time, but do need to reset weekly to qualify for this type.
  • Daily: 4
    Milestones that repeat or reset on a daily basis.
  • Special: 5
    Special indicates that the event is not on a daily/weekly cadence, but does occur more than once. For instance, Iron Banner in Destiny 1 or the Dawning were examples of what could be termed "Special" events.