Depends on Component "ProfileProgression"
The set of progression-related information that applies at a Profile-wide level for your Destiny experience. This differs from the Jimi Hendrix Experience because there's less guitars on fire. Yet. #spoileralert?

This will include information such as Checklist info.
Type: object
Object Properties
Mapped to Definition
The set of checklists that can be examined on a profile-wide basis, keyed by the hash identifier of the Checklist (DestinyChecklistDefinition)

For each checklist returned, its value is itself a Dictionary keyed by the checklist's hash identifier with the value being a boolean indicating if it's been discovered yet.
Type: object
Dictionary Contents: object
Dictionary Key Type: uint32
Mapped to Manifest Database Definition: Destiny.Definitions.Checklists.DestinyChecklistDefinition
Data related to your progress on the current season's artifact that is the same across characters.
Type: object