Verb: GET

Path: /Destiny2/{membershipType}/Profile/{membershipId}/LinkedProfiles/

Returns a summary information about all profiles linked to the requesting membership type/membership ID that have valid Destiny information. The passed-in Membership Type/Membership ID may be a Bungie.Net membership or a Destiny membership. It only returns the minimal amount of data to begin making more substantive requests, but will hopefully serve as a useful alternative to UserServices for people who just care about Destiny data. Note that it will only return linked accounts whose linkages you are allowed to view.

Path Parameters

  • membershipId
    The ID of the membership whose linked Destiny accounts you want returned. Make sure your membership ID matches its Membership Type: don't pass us a PSN membership ID and the XBox membership type, it's not going to work!
    Type: int64
  • membershipType
    The type for the membership whose linked Destiny accounts you want returned.
    The types of membership the Accounts system supports. This is the external facing enum used in place of the internal-only Bungie.SharedDefinitions.MembershipType.
    Type: int32

Querystring Parameters

  • getAllMemberships
    (optional) if set to 'true', all memberships regardless of whether they're obscured by overrides will be returned. Normal privacy restrictions on account linking will still apply no matter what.
    Type: boolean


I know what you seek. You seek linked accounts. Found them, you have.<br /><br />This contract returns a minimal amount of data about Destiny Accounts that are linked through your Bungie.Net account. We will not return accounts in this response whose
Content Type: application/json
Type: object
Object Properties
Type: int32
Type: int32
Type: string
Type: string
Type: object
Dictionary Contents: string
Dictionary Key Type: string
Type: string