Bungie.Net API

About the API

These endpoints constitute the functionality exposed by Bungie.net, both for more traditional website functionality and for connectivity to Bungie video games and their related functionality.

Connecting to the API

Server Endpoint

The endpoint for accessing the Bungie.net API. You probably guessed that already.

Common Headers

  • X-API-Key
    When you have registered an Application at https://www.bungie.net/en/Application, you will receive an API key. You should pass it in via this header with every request.



Identifier: X-API-Key
Every request requires an API key. To get an API key, register a new application at https://www.bungie.net/en/Application.


For requests that require Authentication, you will need to have your users authenticate via our OAuth mechanisms. See https://github.com/Bungie-net/api/wiki/OAuth-Documentation for more details.

Authorization URL: https://www.bungie.net/en/OAuth/Authorize
Token URL: https://www.bungie.net/Platform/App/OAuth/token/
Refresh URL: https://www.bungie.net/Platform/App/OAuth/token/


  • ReadBasicUserProfile
    Read basic user profile information such as the user's handle, avatar icon, etc.
  • ReadGroups
    Read Group/Clan Forums, Wall, and Members for groups and clans that the

    user has joined.
  • WriteGroups
    Write Group/Clan Forums, Wall, and Members for groups and clans that the

    user has joined.
  • AdminGroups
    Administer Group/Clan Forums, Wall, and Members for groups and clans that the

    user is a founder or an administrator.
  • BnetWrite
    Create new groups, clans, and forum posts, along with other actions that are reserved for Bungie.net

    elevated scope: not meant to be used by third party applications.
  • MoveEquipDestinyItems
    Move or equip Destiny items
  • ReadDestinyInventoryAndVault
    Read Destiny 1 Inventory and Vault contents.

    For Destiny 2, this scope is needed to read anything regarded as private. This is the only scope a

    Destiny 2 app needs for read operations against Destiny 2 data such as inventory, vault, currency,

    vendors, milestones, progression, etc.
  • ReadUserData
    Read user data such as who they are web notifications,

    clan/group memberships, recent activity, muted users.
  • EditUserData
    Edit user data such as preferred language, status, motto, avatar selection and theme.
  • ReadDestinyVendorsAndAdvisors
    Access vendor and advisor data specific to a user. OBSOLETE. This scope is only used on the Destiny 1 API.
  • ReadAndApplyTokens
    Read offer history and claim and apply tokens for the user.
  • AdvancedWriteActions
    Can perform actions that will result in a prompt to the user via the Destiny app.
  • PartnerOfferGrant
    Can use the partner offer api to claim rewards defined for a partner
  • DestinyUnlockValueQuery
    Allows an app to query sensitive information like unlock flags and values not available through normal methods.
  • UserPiiRead
    Allows an app to query sensitive user PII, most notably email information.