If the enum value is > 100, it is a "special" group that cannot be queried for directly (special cases apply to when they are returned, and are not relevant in general cases)
Type: int32
Valid Enum Values
  • None: 0
  • General: 1
  • Weapons: 2
  • Medals: 3
  • ReservedGroups: 100
    This is purely to serve as the dividing line between filterable and un-filterable groups. Below this number is a group you can pass as a filter. Above it are groups used in very specific circumstances and not relevant for filtering.
  • Leaderboard: 101
    Only applicable while generating leaderboards.
  • Activity: 102
    These will *only* be consumed by GetAggregateStatsByActivity
  • UniqueWeapon: 103
    These are only consumed and returned by GetUniqueWeaponHistory
  • Internal: 104